Folding Roller Blind Alufalt AF 41

Folding roller blinds such as the Alufalt AF 41 essentially contribute to comfortable living. Outwardly, they offer reliable protection against unwanted visitors and the weather, while from the inside they provide sound and noise insulation and regulate brightness to help create just the right ambience. The light alloy Alufalt AF 41 folding roller blinds are fitted with a standard automatic bolting device to enhance security. They fold up into the roller blind box to save space, making them well-suited for repairs.

What makes Alufalt AF 41 from Schenker Storen unique

  • High-quality materials: aluminium, age-resistant plastic and stainless steel guarantee a long service life
  • All parts can be recycled
  • Effective protection against break-ins and the effects of the weather and the environment
  • Automatic locking thanks to high-impact clip
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Maximum darkening is guaranteed when the roller blinds are closed


Construction highlights

  • Continuous openings between the moving rods enable individual regulation of the supply of air and light
  • The lateral guide pins ensure that the folding roller blind rods are correctly folded away in the recess
  • The lateral guide rails made from extruded, clear anodised aluminium profiles are fitted with weather-resistant noise suppression inserts
  • Available with manual or motor drive


  • Locking latch

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1:1 Drawing of Alufalt AF 41


Tender text for Alufalt AF 41

Alufalt AF 41

Folding roller drop comprising movable, powder-coated, folding rods connected through steel links. The rods are folded in pairs in the recess area and deposited in the magazine, enabling space-saving installation with a low recess depth. This makes them suitable in particular for renovations and repairs. Long service life thanks to simple, sturdy construction.

Conventional wall installation with galvanised steel brackets to be fitted separately in the recess.
PERMANENT installation, side console made of galvanised steel, completely mounted on guides.

Roller tube made of 5kt aluminium tube securing the drop against impacts.

Made from powder-coated aluminium. Slat colours from the Schenker colour range. Plastic guide slides, which control the folding mechanism, are inserted into every second rod.
Moving rods connected to steel slides are folded and stacked in the recess in pairs.
Weight of the drop approx. 3.3 kg/m2. Connecting the rods with chains ensures a high transmittance of light in the lowered position when the blinds are not completely closed (free area of ~12% at 1x1m).

Drop closure
Made from extruded aluminium profile, clear anodised, powder-coated on request, connected by a chain link made of spring steel can be tilted with the complete drop.

Lateral guides made from clear anodised, extruded aluminium, powder coated on request with noise-suppressing plastic inserts.

Manual drive: using permanent lubricated, maintenance-free and dust-protected gears with integrated brake. Plug-in, PVC-coated articulated crank.

Motor drive: Electric tubular motor, 230V / 50Hz, mounted in the roller tube, with built-in limit switches and thermal protection, including 1m connecting cable. Blind motors must not be connected in parallel.

Available with electronic controls on request

The electrical connections must be set up by the customer.

We provide no guarantee for any damage and subsequent damage to blind systems caused by controllers supplied by the customer!

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